Lockdown and Looking Ahead...

Written by Lisa Cadman, 03/07/2020

I spent the first two months of lockdown keeping busy making up ‘Anti-Viral’ Essential Oil Blends for our keyworkers. With the financial support of generous friends and family who were still able to work, I have donated over 1,000 of these bottles now! They very kindly covered the costs of the bottles, gift bags and oils, and then I’ve given my time for free to make them all up and distribute. I supplied 468 for our NHS Nurses on the frontline at The Royal Surrey Hospital, 37 for another friend who works for the NHS in London, 256 for all the staff at our four local Care Homes, 122 for the staff at our local Schools, 88 for our Refuse Workers, and 28 for all the local Postal Staff here. I have also distributed over another 30 of these to other local friends and family who are keyworkers, and delivery ladies and gentleman when they’ve been here. So I’m delighted! It was lovely to be able to use my skills to do something nice, to give all these amazing folk a little treat and a little extra protection at this time.

So looking ahead to massage post-Covid, I think things will be different for a while yet. I think all of us have learnt valuable lessons during lockdown and we (hopefully) will all appreciate our time together all the more for being apart.

Soul Space - Lockdown and Looking Ahead - photo 01
Soul Space - Lockdown and Looking Ahead - photo 02

Personally, and financially it has been a tough time, but some good always comes from difficulties too, and we must find the joy in these situations to balance the fear, the anxiety and the heartache. This forced time off has given me a chance to update this website, which was much-needed since it got hacked a while back! I have also started making up more Essential Oil Blends for people, and learnt how to make Essential Oil Bath Bombs which have gone down a treat (and myself and my daughter have loved using them too). I have enjoyed making up some gift bags for people and have taken the time to read a lot more healthcare articles than I would normally have time for, and to de-clutter the house a bit! As well as the joy I got by doing all the keyworker oils, I have also discovered the joy of more time with my daughter and our beloved cat, as well as discovering diamond painting, enjoying colouring books, of taking time to cook a meal, read a book, and of spending more time tending to my flowers and vegetables in the garden. Life is a challenge and times can be tough, but we are all stronger than we realise.

I am looking ahead, of course with some anxiety about how things will go, but also with optimism and hope.

I can’t wait to welcome you all back.


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