Back to Work

Written by Lisa Cadman, 31/08/2020

So – it has been back to work slowly this month – and it has been so very wonderful to see my clients again, albeit with slighter shorter sessions and with them in facemasks, and myself in a facemask and visor! But, once the Covid questions, temperature taking and hand sanitiser is all done, it has been just lovely to get back to some much-needed hands-on treatment, and great to hear how they have all been managing through lockdown and since things have eased up a little.

The thing I have noticed most, is that all my clients shoulders have really suffered. I think most of us carry a lot of tension in our neck and shoulder areas, especially when we are tired or anxious, so it has been great to be able to help them in this area in particular, to warm up those muscles, and ease out the stresses, to leave my clients feeling more relaxed and able to manage whatever challenges lie ahead. It has been great for people to be able to talk through how they have been feeling – many of us have obviously been quite isolated over the last few months, so it has been great to re-connect.

My clients have all said that they felt safe and secure coming back, and that they have missed their sessions. I have had wonderful feedback since re-opening, so I am very grateful for that. It is important to know that I have done what has been required to open in the safest possible way, whilst still making things cosy and welcoming.

Personally wise, I have managed to start some physio again for my ankle, with the fantastic Andy Hollingsworth in Cranleigh, and I have also managed to get a session in with the amazing Samantha Craig-Wood at Cranleigh Osteopathic Practice to straighten me out a bit! As well as this, I have had a beautifully relaxing Reflexology session with the lovely Fee Fraser in Ewhurst, and have booked in a couple of massages for September, with Tara Evans in Capel, and Nikki Mould in Billingshurst, who are both great friends and therapists, so I can tick the self-care box off my list! It is important that I look after myself, so I can give the very best energy to my clients.

I’m hoping to get back to more clients in the coming months, depending how things go with the virus and government advice."

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