A Time for Reflection and Gratitude

Written by Lisa Cadman, 23/12/2020

What a year eh?! I’m sure there are many of us that will be very happy to see the back of 2020. No one could have anticipated what this year would bring, and how our lives were going to be affected. I thought it would be a good idea for this months blog, to be a time for reflection.

There have been so many difficult emotions for us all to deal with this year – fear, loss, confusion, anxiety, sadness, disappointment, frustration, anger, disbelief, loneliness etc. I’m sure most of us have felt some (if not all) of these at various points this year – I know I have. The pandemic has affected everyone globally, and the pressures we have felt, have at times been overwhelming. Some have been hit financially, for others it is their mental health that has suffered, and for many of us, it is both of these. In the worst situations, some have lost their lives, or the lives of their loved ones.

Soul Space - A Time for Reflection and Gratitude - photo 01
Soul Space - A Time for Reflection and Gratitude - photo 01

Opinions and actions have in some cases divided families and friendships, and we have all had to make tough decisions on how to live, work and stay connected, and how to stay safe ourselves, protect others, survive and move forwards, in a world that has found us separated like never before, from the people we want to hold, be close to and socialise with. We have had to find a way of living without those hugs, and a lot of the other things that we usually rely on to get us through the tough times, such as sharing special times with friends and families, meals out, theatre trips, cinema trips, music gigs, fitness classes and holidays. If only we’d known last Christmas this was going to happen... we may have hugged our friends and families just that little bit more... x

There has though, been many positive emotions too this year, such as gratitude and love. We have all been so grateful to our keyworkers – the nurses, doctors, midwives, other healthcare and social workers, 999, 111 and 119 telephone teams, the Covid test teams, counsellors, chemists, carers working with their families and in care homes, our teachers and admin/support staff, police, firefighters, delivery drivers, postal workers, our refuse collectors, cleaners, supermarket staff, other retail/shop/bank workers, dentists, opticians, plumbers, electricians, and all our transport and road workers, to name but a few.

We must also be grateful to all the usual large corporations as well as the vital small and medium-sized companies, and of course, all of our local businesses too, that have continued to produce, distribute and deliver our groceries, medicines and PPE when we have needed them the most. We also need to remember those that have kept our essential water, electric, gas and phone/internet services going, and all the other people I may have forgotten to mention, who continued to work (in some cases risking their own health) to keep us together, and keep us all going. Here in Cranleigh we have also had a wonderful group of local street champions, that have assisted those in need during this pandemic, helping people with collection and delivery of their groceries and medicines, or just to be at the end of the phone if they need someone. Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you mentioned here.

Soul Space - A Time for Reflection and Gratitude - photo 01

For some, it has been challenging managing home-schooling and/or teaching from home, for others adapting their job to working from home, or for some, having to find other ways to bring in some income to support their families, if they have had to stop work this year, or if they have not received any of the government help available. All of these scenarios have been challenging for us in 2020. But in these situations, we have all come to realise how flexible, resourceful, effective, determined and courageous we can be!

There may also (for some) have been some benefits to more time at home. We may have got to spend a little more time with our families, our pets, the outdoors (on our daily walks!) or had more time to help others in our community, sort things out at home, catch up on our admin, or to read, watch TV, or spend time we wouldn’t normally have on our crafts, sports, music or other hobbies, or just to take a moment to enjoy baking or cooking a meal.

We should also feel very grateful for the roof over our heads, the food in our fridges, and the beds we sleep in at night. Many have lost their lives, their jobs, their homes, friendships, relationships and loved ones during this pandemic, and it is a time to reflect on the year, and bring comfort to, and support those, who need us the most. We must give thanks to those who have been there alongside us too during this challenging time, for their kindness, compassion, and their unwavering love and support. We have been so fortunate to have so many friends, family and clients who have helped Molly and I this year, and I will never, ever forget their kindness. We must celebrate our blessings and try our best to focus on the good things, not just the difficulties as much as we are able, but also to have the courage to reach out when we need help.

Things will continue to be challenging next year, so lets all do everything we can to pull together to protect ourselves and our loved ones, and look after this planet that we call home too. The last thing we all need next year is more lockdowns, more cancelling of work, more restrictions, and time away from those we love. How truly wonderful it will be when we can ditch the masks, and wrap one another up in those hugs we have missed so much. Let us please continue to respect one another, and to support and show gratitude to all those keyworkers who are keeping things going for us and our families.

And perhaps we can just LOVE one another, without judgement, without prejudice for who and what each of us are... life is so short... love is everything... whatever love means and looks like for you... all are equal and precious... x

So all there is left for me to do is to pray that you and all your loved ones stay safe and well, and to wish you all a “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”!

May 2021 bring us all a little more peace, fun and normality! I am not allowed to see my family this Christmas (as my parents and my sister and her boyfriend are now all in Tier 4), so it will just be me, my wonderful daughter and lovely cat. We are hugely sad and disappointed to miss out on seeing them (as we’ve hardly seen them all year), but do understand why.

I am really looking forward to treating all my wonderful regular ‘Wellbeing Account’ clients too, who have already signed up again for the whole of next year! It has been lovely getting back to work again this month, and I am eternally grateful for their ongoing love, support and commitment to my business and their health. It means the world. Stay safe all.

With all my love and hugs,

Lisa xXx

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