Holistic Acupressure Massage is similar to the Holistic Aromatherapy massage, in terms of massage movements and use of oils, but it mainly concentrates on pressure point work to the meridians (energy channels) of the body, using Chinese Medicine principles, working in a similar way to Shiatsu.

Holistic Acupressure Massage works by clearing and rejuvenating depleted energy pathways that may have become blocked due to illness or stress, and through the consultation, specific meridians and points are selected to be worked on, in order to clear these blockages, so improving healthy energy flow and balance. Clients will feel rejuvenated and rebalanced following treatment. As with the Aromatherapy Massage, an individual blend of wonderful base and essential oils is used, and again, any remaining blend left from the treatment, is given to you for your own use at home.

Full body treatment – 60 mins – £55.00 (Wellbeing Account Clients £45.00)

Follow up – Head, neck, shoulder and back treatment – 30 mins – £35.00 (Wellbeing Account Clients £30.00)