Would you like to reward your staff but don’t have the funds?

Do you and your staff need a treat, or do you need to boost morale?

Do you have a special event coming up, where you would like to do something a little different for your staff and/or clients?

Then why not consider giving yourself and your staff a reward that may be substantially cheaper than a pay rise, but just as well received. It could also improve productivity by relaxing and uplifting your employees. I offer on-site massage services to local corporate businesses, such as Virgin Holidays, WWF-UK (formerly World Wildlife Fund), and Bales Worldwide Travel. I have also offered on-site massage at a variety of other local and London-based events.

On-Site Massage at your Office

Many companies are finding that they are unable to afford to reward their staff financially in the current economic climate, but by offering complementary health services, staff can feel greatly appreciated and supported…which can only benefit the company.

All you need to do is provide a small space. I do the rest. I come to you, bring a specially designed massage chair or couch (depending on space available and privacy of location!), music if required, couch roll, beautiful base and essential oils and towels (if required), and everything else needed to treat your staff. Sessions are usually for between 10 and 30 minutes depending on your preference. Staff can then return to work feeling invigorated, appreciated and relaxed.

As a company, you may need only provide the space, nothing more. Your staff can take the time from lunch hours, or you can offer this as an extra perk if you wish. They pay for the treatments, or alternatively, you can subsidise treatments for your staff – it’s your call. I recommend 15 minute sessions, during which I would massage them fully clothed, without oils on a massage chair, or if you can provide a private location, shirts can be removed and oil applied, in which case 15 or 30 minute treatments are recommended. I would work on their head, neck, shoulder and back areas.

I charge £12.00 per 15 minute treatment, or £20.00 for 30 minutes. I am happy to negotiate different fees if your staff would prefer shorter or longer treatment times. For locations 10 miles outside of Cranleigh, Surrey, small travelling expenses may also be charged.

Corporate Fundraising or Special Business Events

If you are not in a position to offer your employees a session on a regular basis, but would like my help at any business fundraising or fun event you have coming up, then why not think about on-site massage for this? Take a look at my ‘Therapy Events’ heading from this menu, and check out the Corporate Testimonials given too under the ‘About Me’ heading…massage can be a really fun way to raise funds, and cheer up your staff or clients!

You can book me for half a day or a full day – rates are usually £140.00 for 10.00am to 2.00pm (inc. a 30min break) or £225.00 for 10am to 5.00pm (inc. 2 x 30min breaks).

I’d love to hear from you!